Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Engagement Ring Q & A: Wear Another Woman's Ring?


Must I accept the other woman’s ring?

Although, I understand it's proper etiquette to return the engagement ring when the wedding/engagement is called off, what happens to the ring afterward? My boyfriend want to give me a ring he gave to someone else--she called it off.  He feels that the ring carries his love to whomever he gives it.  I, on the other hand feel that the ring symbolizes the love for her and their relationship. I am very interested in what etiquette surrounds it.

Wants own ring 
Reply by The Polite One

Dear Wants own ring, 

It is inappropriate and impolite to give a woman a ring that was intended for another. You are correct that the ring was meant for her and should be sold or given away--not given to you.  If he has any questions when he pops the question, encourage him to come to me. 

Best wishes for a bright future. 


The Polite One

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