Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Prewedding Party Q & A: Angry Guest Invited to Shower, but not the Reception

Invited to shower, but not wedding

My cousin invited me to an after-party -- cocktails after the reception -- and her shower.  The invitation for both these events included her registry information.   I am insulted, as it appears that I'm invited to give her gifts, but not to enjoy the wedding as one of the preferred guests.   


Reply by the Polite One
Dear Insulted,

You are right to be insulted, as this is obscene and extremely improper. Only those invited to the wedding, may be invited to the shower.  Plus, an after-party is not polite to all guests.  Those invited to the reception may be insulted that they aren't invited to this event as well.  It is unfortunate she doesn't know better.  Feel free to decline.  You are not obligated to give anything.  

Registration cards inside the invitation…not surprising and very unsettling.  


The Polite One

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